About Honey Bunch Puppets

Sewing and creating have always been favorite pastimes for Judy and Jeanne . (Yes, they’re sisters.) While making puppets for Judy’s puppet team, Jeanne created her own full body puppet pattern.  They wear baby clothes, newborn to 3 months,  so it’s easy to change their clothes!  There is also a smaller version called preemies. (Yes, they wear preemie baby clothes!)

Honey Bunch Puppet Making With ScoutsIn July of 2007, they took the puppets to the local Art in the Park where they turned out to be quite a sensation. Since then, they have been taking them to several craft shows each year. Judy and Jeanne have both used the puppets in Junior High and High School puppet classes where they help students make their own puppets for productions. They have also done classes for teachers.

Proceeds from the puppets go to various non-profits (i.e. China Harvest, Voice of the Martyrs, Mission Aviation, Gospel for Asia, as well as local ministries and people in need). We also give puppets to missionaries who can use them, and currently have puppets in 10 countries.

Puppets average $45 for 24″ full body puppets, $35 for 18″ Preemie Babies. We also have diva puppets which average $55to $65.  You can purchase a puppet from the gallery or have one made to your specifications (color, hair, clothing, boy/girl). Contact us about prices for special/custom made puppets.

If you would like to be a part of our effort and have any of the following items you can donate, let us know. We do all that we can to keep our expenses low, so that we can give more.

Fleece, felt, thread (regular, embroidery and quilting), fiber fill, foam (1/2″ and 1″), foam board, styrofoam balls (3/4″ to 1 1/2 “), eyes (all sizes and kinds), yarn, fake fur, wigs, tear away (for embroidery), ribbon, glue sticks, feather boas, jewelry, baby clothes (preemie, newborn, 3 month – in very good condition), baby shoes (sizes 0 to 2)

You can Contact us at honeybunchpuppets.com  or  208-733-9238

Blessings, Jeanne and Judy